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• Can I play the instrument at the same time it is playing a recorded source?

Yes. Load up your favorite songs and play along. It's like having another person playing with you. Make your own original accompaniments and arrangements. The creative possibilities are endless.

• What music sources can it connect to?

iPod, smartphone, CD, tape, home theater, sound board... Any headphone or line-level stereo signal can be used. A volume control allows you to set the desired sound level.

• Does it require power?

Yes. An AC power adapter (input: 120-240V-50/60Hz .6A, output: 12V 2A) is supplied. Just plug into any standard household outlet. It even comes with non US plug (220V).

• Do the strings play?

No. That's where you come in. When the unit is playing the strings do sympathetically vibrate slightly. You can feel them and even see them doing this. But if you are playing you will notice no difference or interference.

• Can it run on batteries?

Yes. The amplifier runs on 12v DC and draws very little power. We are currently working on several battery options.

• Can I play music from my phone wirelessly?

Yes. Any stereo Bluetooth adapter such as the Belkin F8Z492-P, or Kanex AirBlue will work beautifully. Plug the receiver into the guitar and start playing tunes from your smartphone or iPod.

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