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How It Works

Each Entertainer Guitar™ has an exclusive patented sound system built into the body of the guitar. The sound doesn't just come from inside the guitar, it comes through the body of the whole instrument. The small, discrete electronics are installed without interfering with the instrument's natural sound. When the instrument is connected to an iPod or other music player, the sound resonates through the body of the guitar, creating a complex set of waveforms for a rich, authentic sound and feel.

Who it's for...

The Entertainer Guitar™ is built for musicians and music lovers everywhere. Adorn your home or business with one of these beautifully crafted instruments. Then let the music begin. This "hybrid" instrument is perfect for players, instructors, and students.

Two small ports on the back of the instrument provides 12VDC power input and 1/8" stereo input plug*. The internal amplifier produces high-fidelity, audiophile-quality sound in a very compact and power-efficient package.

As a musical instrument...

If you play guitar already, you can plug into any music source and play along with your favorite music. Because it's so easy to use, the Entertainer Guitar™ is a perfect tool for guitar students, instructors, and performers. You can record your own backup, duet, or rhythm tracks, play them back and improvise over your own built-in accompaniment. The creative possibilities are truly endless.

As a music system...

Even if you don't play guitar yourself, you can listen to rich, authentic acoustic sound that will warm any room. The Entertainer Guitar™ can be hung on a wall or set on a tabletop in your home or office to provide enjoyable background music and a guaranteed conversation starter!

* 12VDC power adapter and 1/8" stereo cable included.